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The next phase of our needs assessment has begun.  If you are a Fayetteville-ian (live, work, or play in Fayetteville, AR) and you are at least 40 years old, please take the time to complete this questionnaire!

WE want YOUR opinion!

Age Friendly Fayetteville Community Survey


What We DO

Moving Fayetteville toward becoming a more Age Friendly City!


We are a community initiative working to make Fayetteville more age-friendly based off of the World Health Organization Age-Friendly Cities model. We work with our Fayetteville community to encourage ageing by optimizing opportunities for health, participation, and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age.  In practical terms, an age-friendly city adapts its structures and services to be accessible to and inclusive of older people with varying needs and capacities.


Age Friendly Fayetteville is a partnership between the City of Fayetteville, the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce and the University of Arkansas.  We are sponsored by the Office for Studies on Aging at the University of Arkansas and the Inclusion Group of the Fayetteville Forward Economic Accountability Council.


Age Together- Thrive Together!



Be an Age Friendly Fayetteville CHAMPION by following this website & signing up for updates or to volunteer (form is on the right side of this page!)


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